Meet Dee

The rumors are true!

I love to laugh.

And have fun.  

And I giggle.  A LOT!  


The mirror says, “Laughter Happens” 🙂



I prefer cloudy days to sunny ones.  I don’t walk barefoot in grass.  And if you want to know what to order me to drink at dinner, that would be sweet tea.  But, ask them if it’s good first.  😉



I shoot awesome people for fun.  (With a camera, silly!)  I also rock a few programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  (I’m a graphic artist, too.)

Specifically, I take fun photos of laid back folks at awesome locations.  And if you need an invite to a birthday party, a flyer for an event, an ad to put in the paper, or an updated (or new!) business identity – I’m your girl.



After years of failing to take the pictures I wanted (read: what I saw in my head) with “point and shoot” cameras, I was introduced to the (in the voice of Morgan Freeman) DSL-ARRRRRR (you know, b/c it’s a lingering voice and all).  People thought what I was doing was awesome.  So I started shooting other people (not just my kid).  And here I am now.  Doing photography, among other things.



…the long story

In 2008, I showed up in a hospital room cracking jokes with my Dad.  He was a comedian to my sisters and I most of our lives.  We learned that he had brain cancer.  And fighting tears, I used my laughter to keep a smile on that man’s face.  On October 14, 2008, my Daddy lost his fight to cancer.  That was so hard to watch.  A big man, 6’1” at 265 lbs, shrivel into a frail body that I hardly recognized.  My Mom was there as my sisters and I prepared all the documents and completed the plans to put our Daddy in his final resting place.  It was tough, but my best friend, my Mom, was there the entire time.  Laughing at whatever we could because we knew that Dad would have wanted that.

A short 364 days after Dad died, we were heartbroken to learn that our Mom had a 5% chance of living from lung cancer.  My best friend… was dying.  The woman who was as close to Super Woman as anyone could be.  Waking up at 4am to get ready for work, wash clothes, fix breakfast, feed the dogs, watch JAG and CSI on TNT.  (Yeah, every morning…  Coffee, TNT, makeup, and breakfast.  It was a ritual.)  This woman was a beast!  My sisters, our step Dad and I stood around her as she passed into the next world on January 15, 2010.  Part of me died that day.  Part of my soul is missing.  It will be missing until we are reunited.

Needless to say, I no longer have the option of getting together with my parents.  I don’t get to have those sweet pictures of my Mom baking cookies with her grandson or my Dad teaching my son to play the guitar.  What I do have is a step Dad that is amazing.  And I’m so very thankful for him.  Even all these years later, he is still in our lives.



Both of my parents are gone due to cancer.  I will never have the opportunity to get those great, awkward family photos – or any for that matter.  So, I give people the chance to get (hopefully not awkward) family photos with their loved ones.